Recently, London has faced its worst period of air pollution for a number of years. People have begun to wake-up to the need for monitoring and reporting of internal air quality, to protect occupants’ health.

Start Date / Time 17 May 2017 08:00
End Date / Time 17 May 2017 10:00
Venue Cundall, One Carter Lane, London EC4V 5ER
Category Environmental Sustainability & Energy
National No
Region London and the South East
Type Seminar
Available to Non Members Yes


We have gathered a panel of experts in the field to discuss this growing concern. Dr Henry Burridge, Lecturer at Imperial College London, will talk about air quality and how they are monitoring it. Ruth Calderwood, Air Quality Manager at City of London, will talk about the policy and wide range of measures the City of London is implementing to reduce local pollution.

On the back of their commitment to WELL certification, Cundall has developed its own monitoring system, IEQube™, to measure air and environmental quality. So how has their office fared amid London’s latest Airpocalypse? Alan Fogarty Sustainable Partner at Cundall, will be discussing the findings and the steps that can be taken to improve air quality.

You will then get the opportunity to view Cundall’s new office at One Carter Lane which is the first project in Europe, and seventh in the world, to achieve certification to the WELL Building Standard®.

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